Come to Wenzhou by roaming bus

🎫 Fare: 0.1 yuan ~ equivalent to free
(At the starting point of the vending machine to buy 0.1 yuan manual, with the manual to get on the car, this manual can be stamped, as a souvenir)
Each journey takes about 30 minutes
It will run from September 12 to October 31, 2023 from 9.00 to 17.30
Station 1
East ou famous town city wall ruins
Recommended attractions: Park Road, Ousay, intangible handicraft Museum
Recommended food: red fish balls, stomping almond rot, nine layer cake
Station 2
Zhongshan Park south gate
Recommended attractions: Jiuqu Bridge, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Evening Qing Pavilion
Recommended food: Jin Hong pig dirty powder, flower willow pond bubble
Station 3
Kaitai department store
Recommended attractions: White Deer Market, Women’s Street
Recommended food: Wu Ji chestnut, Shamao River pot stickers, Gao Gongqiao thin meatballs
Station 4
Jiefang North Road and Gulou Street intersection
Recommended attractions: Wuma Historical and cultural District, Ou Rong Hui
Recommended food: long people wonton, flat head lamp cake
Station 5
Mochi Square historical district
Recommended attractions: Mochi Park, Dongou King Temple
Station 6
Intersection of Cangqiao Street and Chengxi Street
Recommended attractions: Xia Nai’s former residence, West Cathedral, Feipeng Lane Chen Residence
Recommended food: Shouying pig dirty powder, Cangqiao fried powder dry
Station 7
Canghe lane
Recommended attractions: Zheng Zhenduo Memorial Hall, Ni Ya Lane
Recommended food: Yongjia Shantou old wheat noodle shop, hundred years pastry shop

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