Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

Qixi Festival (Qiqiao Festival) or “women’s Day”, “women’s Day”, “ancient Women’s Day”. [5] A traditional festival popular in Xihe County of Gansu Province, one of the national intangible cultural heritages.
The Qiqiao folk custom in Xihe County of Gansu Province appeared in Han Dynasty, and flourished in Ming and Qing dyn

asties after the develop

ment of Tang and Song dynasties, which h

as a history of more than 1,000 years. West and Qiq

iao folk activities are rich in content and diverse in form, starting from the lunar month of June 30 (29) night, to the beginning of July 7 night end, before and after seven days and eight nights, the wh

ole activity is divided into sit Qiao, meet Qiao, sacrifice Qiao, worship Qiao, entertainment Qiao, Buqiao, send Qiao seven links.


The Double Seventh Festival is not only a festival of worship of the seven sisters, but also a festival of love. It is a comprehensive festival based on the folklore of “Cowher and Weaver Girl”, with blessing, begging and love as the theme, and with women as the main body. The “Cowherd and Weaver girl” of the Seventh Festival comes from people’s worship of the natural sky, the ancient times people will celestial star area and geographical area correspond to each other, this corresponding relationship in terms of astronomy, called “star division”, in terms of geography, called “division”. According to legend, every year on the seventh day of July, the cowherd and the Weaver will meet in the sky on the magpie bridge.

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