How to wrap a unique gift

Hand-made gifts are equivalent to sending two gifts at a time. One is the sincerity of hand-made gifts, and the other is the gift itself.

— Tasha Dudo
It’s A Wonderful Life for Grandma Tasha

Today I would like to share with you some gift packaging content, as well as packaging tips, I hope that one day, I can also make a gift for the significant other. Please take your time to watch

1. Plant decorations tip1: The collocation of plants can make the gift have a breath from nature

Maybe you want to get a gift like this, and you’re excited about the contents when you get it, and you’re attracted by the elaborate packaging








One flower and one leaf
Nature’s gift to the world
It was delivered to you
It’s a gift that I prepared so carefully



















Two, pleated wrapping paper tip2: uneven paper edge, there will be a strong sense of handmade




























Three, the same color collocation tip3: the same color collocation, will reduce the difficulty of collage oh

The knot and the blue border on the package, handwriting echo. The whole package doesn’t look complicated, but it has its unique temperament. What color do you like best

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