Interesting gift box packaging design

Luxury colorful magnetic closure art paper box gift boxes

Today I would like to share a very interesting gift box, full of children’s fun. The packaging design is inspired by the Toy Car Story. The cute car flies down the road. The box looks simple, but it has many functions. It can not only hold gifts or toys, but also fold up and act as a bookshelf.



Thickness of material

Process: Four-color printing, foldable gift box, flexible use

About the details: Multifunctional use, hand-painted patterns

When the gift box is used, with gorgeous lighting, more romantic. Thickened cardboard, facing the arrival of the rainy season, is not damp or collapse, but after all, it is a paper product, can not be completely waterproof, to avoid a large number of blisters

Transport practicality and packaging aesthetic both, very cost-effective


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