Today is the light snow in the 24 solar terms of China

Light snow is the 20th solar term of the 24 solar terms, and the second solar term of winter. When the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 240°. Light snow is a solar term that reflects precipitation and temperature. It is a solar term with an elevated frequency of cold waves and strong cold air activity. The arrival of light snow means that the weather will get colder and colder as the precipitation increases.

About Customs

Temperatures drop sharply after light snowfall.

The weather was dry.

This is a great time to process bacon.


So after the light snow

Some farmers will start making sausages and bacon.

In this way, the Spring Festival will come just in time to enjoy the food.


Somewhere in the South

There is also the custom of having ciba in the tenth lunar month.


The glutinous rice is steamed and mashed to form a round shape.

Roll out the glutinous rice flour with chopsticks

Glue together the sesame seeds and peanut butter

It is symbolic of harvest and happiness.




High-calorie foods have the effect of activating the brain and blood.

Like mutton, beef, milk, fish

Also some tea, coffee and other drinks.


Plus, you can eat extra black food.

Such as black fungus, black sesame

Even loach, eel, etc.

Foods that quickly restore body heat.


Enter the term of light snow.

The temperature continued to drop.

Precautions should be taken to keep warm


Nature, too, at this time, showed more

A state in which yin grows and yang wanes.-

Get extra sun

To enhance the Yang qi of the body

In order to realize the action of the temperature through the meridian

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