Talk about over-packing

Excessive packaging from the field of gifts into the field of other goods, the social atmosphere was affected, and then there are some social problems. In some commodity fields, the dislocation consumption structure of “buying but not using” and “using but not buying” has taken shape.

Excessive packaging is the product of market economy, but also the product of immature market economy, which is caused by improper competition behavior and improper consumption behavior to a large extent.

How to avoid excessive packaging? It is necessary to do these things well

1. Appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the characteristics and quality of the industry. A single material should be used for packaging, or packaging materials that facilitate material separation. Encourage the use of recyclable and recycled packaging materials.

2, packaging design should be scientific and reasonable, under the premise of meeting the normal requirements of packaging functions, packaging materials, structure and cost should be in line with the quality and specifications of the contents, effective use of resources, reduce the amount of packaging materials.

3. The cost of the whole life cycle of packaging should be considered. Effective measures should be taken not only to control the direct cost of packaging, but also to consider the impact of recycling and waste treatment on the environment and related costs.

4. The structure and function of the packaging should be reasonably simplified, and the cumbersome form or complex structure should not be adopted. The packaging with too many packaging layers, too large gaps and too high cost should be avoided as far as possible.

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