There’s a new one. An ancient Chinese poet blind box set

The blind box is very popular among young people, and now you can experience a deep cultural heritage in the process of opening the blind box.https://paperpackart.com/product/chinese-style-doll-student-gift-trinket-blind-box-set/
This poetry series of b

lind box work is as delicate and full of details as always, each baby represents a poem, and their dress, movement and accessories together, will be poetic expression incisively and vividly! collectable










1. Du Fu, the Sage of Poetry

Du Fu’s influence on Chinese classical poetry is very pr

ofound, and he is called “poetry sage” by later generations, and his poems are c

alled “poetry history”. Later generations called it Du Gexi, Du Gong Ministry, also called him Du Shaoling, Du Caotang.

2, poetry – Li Bai

In terms of its pioneering significance and artistic achievements, “Li Bai’s Ci” enjoys a very high status.

3, poetry magic – Bai Juyi

Bai Juyi’s poems have wide subject matter, diverse forms

and common language, and are called “poetry magic” and “poetry king”.

4. The God of Poetry – Sushi

Su Shi, Zi Zhan, and the word and Zhong, the title Tie Guan Daoist, Dongpo Jushi, known as Su Dongpo, Su Xian, ancestral home in Luancheng, Hebei Province, Northern Song Dynasty writer, calligrapher, painter.

5, poetry crazy – He Zhizhang

He Zhizhang was a poet and calligrapher in Tang Dynasty. Word sea

son true, old age since the title of “Siming crazy guest” “secretary outside prison”, as unrestrained, good wine, there is a “talk of romance” reputation, especially in old age.

6. Poem Buddha – Wang Wei

Wang Weisan Zen enlightenment, learning Zhuang channel, master poetry, books, paintings, music, etc., with the name of poetry Sheng in Kaiyuan, Tianbao, especially long five words, more landscape pastoral, and Meng Haoran collectively called “Wang Meng”, “poetry Buddha” said. Calligraphy and painting are particularly good, and later generations regard it as the ancestor of Nanzong landscape painting.

7, poem ghost – Li He

Li He is a romantic poet in the middle Tang Dynasty, known as the three Li of the Tang Dynasty with Li Bai and Li Shangyin, and is a representative of the transition period from the Middle Tang Dynasty to the late Tang Dynasty. Most of the poems he wrote were about his ill-fated life and inner distress, expressing his pursuit of ideals and ambitions.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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