5 Tips for product packaging Design

Broken or poor quality packaging can send a bad message, while beautiful, interesting packaging designs can increase customer loyalty. But many novice businesses do not know how to do a good job of product packaging design, it doesn’t matter, after reading this article you will understand!

What is the use of product packaging?

Product packaging is the visual experience of consumers, the direct and main transmitter of product personality, and the direct expression of corporate image positioning. Good packaging design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. Accurate strategic positioning, in line with consumer psychology of the product packaging design, obviously can leave a deeper impression on customers.

Two, how to design good product packaging

(1) Explore market competition environment

Designers understand that, before starting to design, the first thing is to know what kind of market the product can fit into, and then carry out market research to understand the needs and concerns of consumers, which is the basis of packaging design. Designers need to give consumers reasons to choose this product, so they need to understand the competitive environment of the market and use differentiation strategies to promote the brand and product, especially to differentiate themselves from competing products.

(2) As far as possible simple design

Look at Apple’s design. Simplicity is beauty, less is more. At present, simplicity is widely used in brand packaging design. Under normal circumstances, too many prominent elements in the design will have the opposite effect. Too much content description will weaken the core brand information, which will lead to consumers losing interest in the product in the process of purchasing. Therefore, the designer should keep the language and visual effects simple, to ensure that the packaging design can highlight the brand.


(3) Environmental protection packaging design

This is a very popular idea in recent years. Due to the rise of environmentalism, environmentally friendly packaging is more and more favored by consumers. Overseas company Sutherland Packaging has come up with a technology that can help companies make the most of their e-commerce packaging. The company has developed a way to print directly onto large or small corrugated paper. This eliminates the need for lithographic labels and saves cost and time. As the direct printing on the carton is fully recyclable, it is also environmentally friendly, the company says.

Of course, environmental protection packaging is also limited, brand packaging design can not be “for the sake of environmental protection and environmental protection”, in the place that should be done beautifully must be “crafted”.

(4) Don’t over-pack

You may notice an interesting trend: the more luxurious the item being shipped, the less conspicuous the appearance of the package. This is done so that the value contained in the box is not revealed, thus increasing security during delivery and reducing the possibility of theft. In this case, the exquisite printed graphics and materials remain inside the box and are only displayed when the package is opened.

(5) Put color pages and manuals

An order indicates that your site and product have been approved. Why not take this opportunity to further promote yourself and develop more long-term customers? Put color pages and brochures into the package to let the person know more about other valuable products.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用领域

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