Three classic box folds

Origami, as an ancient folk art, is more and more popular among the masses in modern times. A piece of paper can be folded into a variety of animals, plants and small things in life, which not only exercises the hands-on ability, but also tests the spatial imagination. It is a very positive way of entertainment. Today, I have prepared several folding methods for paper boxes. There are many folding methods for paper boxes. Personally, I think the following are representative.

Becky Box was created by the famous origami Becky in the early 1960s in the United States, and named after him directly. This box is simple and generous, very practical. Unlike other origami boxes, which require a fixed proportion of paper to fold, it has almost no restrictions. The effect of different proportions of paper is also different, very amazing.

Triangle box folding, although it is simple, but it contains a lot of origami skills and methods, in a certain order, the finished product is simple and there are no redundant lines, very express a simple beauty.

Finally, I will introduce to you the most practical and fast folding carton, which can be put on the table after folding to put small things or garbage. Its characteristics are simple and practical to play to the extreme.

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