Happy Double Ninth Festival

The ninth day of the ninth lunar month, commonly known as the Double Ninth Festival, is China’s traditional festival, also known as “Day of the elderly”, “Double Ninth Festival”, “Climbing Festival”, “Sun autumn Festival”, “autumn festival”, “Cornus festival”. The formation of the Double Ninth Festival can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period more than 2,000 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty, it was designated as an official festival. Since then, the court and the people have held various activities on this day to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival together.


In ancient times, there was a custom of wearing dogwood on the ninth day of the ninth month, so the Double Ninth Festival was also called the dogwood Festival. Cornus officinale has a strong fragrance. It has the function of dispelling insects and dampness, removing wind evil, eliminating food accumulation and treating cold and heat. It can be used as medicine and can also make wine to keep healthy and eliminate disease. Therefore, on the day of the Double Ninth Festival, people have the custom of wearing dogwood or wearing it when they climb a height and look far, and they can also give it as a gift to their relatives and friends in order to ward off evil and seek good luck and prolong life.


Chrysanthemum wine is cool and sweet, has the effect of brightening eyes, tonifying liver qi, soothing stomach, benefiting blood, treating dizziness, lowering blood pressure and losing weight, is a good product for strengthening health and prolonging life. Drinking chrysanthemum wine was popular as early as the Han and Wei Dynasties. In Chinese folklore, when the chrysanthemum is in full bloom, people collect the stems and leaves of the chrysanthemum, mix them with grain and make wine, and drink them until September 9 the following year.

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