The 24 solar terms Frost’s descent

During Frost’s descent, all things come into being and settle into the Xu. When the sun descends into the earth, Yin qi begins to condense. The weather begins to get cold from Frost’s descent. Since “frost” is a manifestation of cold weather and large temperature difference between day and night, it is named after “Frost’s descent”, which means “the temperature drops sharply and the temperature difference between day and night”.

Frost’s Descent is characterized by cold weather in the morning and evening, hot at noon, large temperature difference between day and night, and obvious dryness in autumn.

The main customs of Frost’s descent are admiring chrysanthemums, eating persimmons, climbing mountains and looking into the distance.the first frost in autumn is generally called “early frost” or “chrysanthemum frost”, because the chrysanthemum is in full bloom at this time, and it is a good time to enjoy the chrysanthemum. In ancient times, there is a saying that “frost plays chrysanthemum open”, so climbing the mountain and appreciating chrysanthemums has become the elegant thing of Frost’s descent. It is recorded in the Sequel Qi Harmonic Record of Wu Jun in the Liang Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty. “When frost descends, only this grass flourishes”, so chrysanthemum was regarded by the ancients as “the grass of waiting time” and became a symbol of vitality. During Frost’s Descent, autumn chrysanthemums are in full bloom. In many places in China, chrysanthemum parties are held to admire chrysanthemums and drink wine to show their respect and love.

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