Happy Spring Festival


The Spring Festival, is the first lunar month, also known as the lunar year, commonly known as “Chinese New Year”. This is a AMONG THE PEOPLE ceremonious, THE MOST BOISTEROUS TRADITION FESTIVAL OF OUR COUNTRY. The Spring Festival has a long history, it originated from the Yin and Shang period of the end of the year to worship God ancestor activities. In accordance with the Chinese lunar calendar, the first day of the ancient called Yuan day, Yuan Chen, Yuan is, Yuan Shuo, New Year’s Day, commonly known as the day, to the Republic of China period, switch to the Gregorian calendar, the Gregorian calendar January 1 called New Year’s Day, the lunar January 1 called the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is coming, which means that spring is coming. Everything will recover and vegetation will be renewed. A new round of sowing and harvesting season will begin again. People have just spent the long winter of ice and snow grass and trees wither, long looking forward to the days of spring flowers, when the arrival of the New Year, naturally full of joy to sing and dance to meet the festival.

For thousands of years, people make the annual custom celebration activities become extremely rich and colorful. Every year from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to the 30th of the lunar New Year, the folk called this period of time “Spring Day”, also called “dust Day”, before the Spring Festival cleaning, is a traditional habit of the Chinese people. Then is every family to prepare New Year’s goods, about ten days before the festival, people began to busy purchasing goods, including chicken and duck fish, tea wine oil sauce, north and south fried goods, sugar bait fruit, to buy enough, but also to prepare some New Year when visiting relatives and friends gifts, children to buy new clothes and new hats, ready to wear the New Year.

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