How can we protect the environment in our daily life

1. Save water Turn off the tap at all times, don’t let the water run in vain; Tighten the faucet when you see it leaking. Try to use secondary water. For example, the water used to wash rice or vegetables can water flowers; After washing your face, the water can be left to wipe the floor, wash…2.


Most detergents are chemicals that pollute the water supply. If there is too much grease when washing dishes, you can pour the residual grease away first, and then wash it with hot noodle soup or hot soapy water, so as not


to let too much oil into…
Save electricity turn off lights, use less electrical appliances, use less air conditioning to slow down the earth warming a force; Don’t leave the TV on standby for long peri

ods of time. Turn it off by remote control, which is not actually cutting off the power completely.

4. Don’t trample on the lawn in the community, or on the street, we will see a lot of green belt and lawn, these are our planting, not only make our city look more beautiful, but also greatly improve our ecological environment, therefore, we must pay attention to, don’t walk on the lawn in order to approach the road, which is not conducive to our protection of the environment.

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