Minor Cold (one of the 24 Solar Terms)

Minor Cold is the 23rd solar term in the 24 solar terms and the fifth solar term in winter. Bucket finger; The longitude of the sun is 285°; The Gregorian calendar January 5-7 festival. Minor Cold, marking the official start of winter season. Cold air accumulates for a long time, and minor cold means the weather is cold but not extreme. Like Major Cold, Minor Heat, Major Heat and End of Heat, it is a solar term indicating the change in temperature. The weather characteristics of minor cold are: the day is getting cold, not yet cold. As the saying goes: “cold in Sanjiu”, because in the middle of winter “Sanjiu” is basically in this solar term, so there is a “minor cold is better than major cold”.

According to China’s meteorological data, Minor Cold is the lowest solar term, only a few years of Major Cold temperature lower than minor cold. The season of Minor cold, most areas of our country has entered the severe cold period, the soil is frozen, the rivers are frozen, and the cold air from the north continues to move south, the weather is cold, people called “Shu Jiu Cold days”. Although the south of our country is not as cold as the north, but the temperature also falls obviously. The coldest time in the south is between minor cold and rain and Awakening of Insects. Minor cold is dry and cold, while rain is wet and cold.

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