How is paper made

Paper is something we use every day in our life, different paper has different uses, paper can be used to do handwork, can be used to write, can also be used to wipe things. The history of paper development is very long, so how paper is made?

The process of making paper

1, the first use of raw materials, namely trees and reed grass, the collection of raw materials is the most basic and important step.

2. Crush the trees and reeds into pieces, put them into a high-pressure container, add sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to separate the lignin from the pieces, so as to get the pulp.

3, wash the pulp with liquid medicine, remove the impurities inside the pulp.

4. Bleach the pulp and add liquid medicine to it.

5. Drain the water with a special net, and then put it on the felt to absorb the water.

6. Dry the water thoroughly with high temperature and compact the paper at the same time.

7, with the calender to do calender processing, make a large roll of paper.

8. The roll of paper made is very large, so it should be cut according to the size required by various industries, and it can be sold on the market.

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