Twenty-four solar terms

The 24 solar terms are specific seasons in the calendar to indicate the change of natural rhythm and establish the “construction of December”. They contain a long cultural connotation and historical accumulation, and are an important part of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation. When one is four years old, there are three months in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each solar term has its own unique meaning. The 24 solar terms accurately reflect the change of natural rhythm and play a very important role in People’s Daily life. It is not only a season system to guide farming production, but also a folk custom system with rich folk customs.















The “24 Solar Terms” is the product of ancient farming civilization. It is a knowledge system formed by ancient ancestors in accordance with the agricultural season, through observing the movement of celestial bodies, to understand the changing laws of seasons, climate, phenology and so on in the first year. The 24 solar terms were originally based on the rotation of the stars. The Big Dipper rotates in a cycle, and the handle rotates clockwise for one cycle, which is called one “year” (photo). The current “24 solar terms” are based on the position of the sun in the return to the ecliptic, that is, the annual motion of the sun is divided into 24 equal parts, every 15 degrees is 1 equal part, each 1 equal part is a solar term, starting from the start of spring and ending in the Great Cold.

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