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New product — tea box


China is the home of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. The discovery and use of tea in China has a history of four to five thousand years. Tea has become the most popular, the most popular, the most beneficial to the body and mind of healthy green drinks in the world.


China began to drink tea, began in the Han Dynasty, popular in the Tang Dynasty. Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty was a famous connoisseur of tea culture in China. He wrote the world’s first tea book “Tea Book”, known as the world’s the Sage of Tea . There are many kinds of tea in China. The basic categories are: black tea, green tea, dark tea, white tea, yellow tea and scented tea. There are countless types of tea, such as the most familiar West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng and so on.Drinking tea has many benefits. Such as improving thinking and memory skills that can eliminate fatigue. Tea contains many beneficial micronutrients that can help people live longer. Drinking tea can also improve exercise ability, have a good weight loss and beauty effect.

The packaging box shown in the picture is the tea box designed by our company for Tea in trees. Drinking tea can calm people down and calm their minds. Cultivating sentiment and driving away distractions, the Zen of mountain scenery designed by the illustration of this box is the same as the feeling brought by drinking tea, which makes people feel personally involved. White and green to show the elegant demeanour of the big country, the details inside and out are more outstanding.

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