The origin of the wedding ceremony

It is said that a few months after the wedding ceremony, the relatives and friends who attend the wedding will visit the host family’s residence. The host family will buy something or make homemade desserts to give to the relatives and friends to thank them for their visit. This is called “return gift”. These gifts are not expensive products, but represent the emotional connection between people, just a small companion hand represents the giver’s heart, it can be said that the gift is light but the affection is heavy.


















Now these etiquette has no such trouble, on the wedding day, present friends and relatives will get a prepared small gift, such as tour in Mianyang printed wedding photos, or badges, the easiest way is to send candy. Nowadays, many married couples are more and more not satisfied with giving a simple gift box of wedding candy, and choose a more prominent hand ceremony, presented to the guests on the wedding day, is the couple to thank the arrival of the guests, but also a kind of gift to the guests.


Hand gift is a very important and now increasingly popular way of giving gifts. The culture of “accompanying hand gift” is not simply material enjoyment, but represents the emotional connection between people. Just a small accompanying hand represents the giver’s heart. For people, accompanying hand gift is not just a gift, but a bridge affecting the emotional connection between people, which can express the giver’s deepest heart .

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