Three words, for you who is about to enter the examination room!

The books you read

Will be the light that illuminates your path

There is a saying, “The books you read will be the light that will light your way.” Reading is the easiest way to improve yourself and the best way to change your destiny.

In the quiet night, you endure sleepiness, fighting all night; In the morning, when the sky is light, you fight against fatigue and repeat. The books you read attentively every day will pave the way for your future; Every bit of knowledge you learn will someday come back to you in unexpected ways.

Those who pay for the college entrance examination struggle and hard work, will eventually integrate into your will, let you develop the habit of continuous efforts, become your courage and strength to chase the future.

College entrance examination is a battle for growth

But no one’s life is decided by the SAT alone

We all know that the college entrance examination is a big test in life. Although it can affect which university you go to, it can not decide your life. When you stretch the time to look, you will find that you are wrong every question, perhaps in order to let you meet the right person; And right each question, is to meet a better self.

No one’s paper, just a question to judge; No one’s life is based on one thing. What really determines our destiny is our inner desire for progress and our persistence in struggle.

There is a saying: “Go straight ahead along this road. There will be a junction not far away. You can turn left and right or go ahead, but you can’t stay.” No matter what the future holds, I hope you don’t stop your pace, and move forward with anticipation and determination.

Learning is temporary

Growth is a lifetime

Recently, you may often hear people say: “After the college entrance examination, you will be relaxed.” You may also often say that when you go to college, you will never have to go to morning self-study and never have to do problem books that are stacked higher than you…

Indeed, the days of preparing for the exam are very hard, but the college entrance examination is only the middle station of life, not the final station. Learning is temporary, growth is a lifetime. As the saying goes, “If you have the idea that you are never too old to learn, the possibilities are endless.”

Life is not only success and failure two words, persistence and struggle are equally meaningful. Come on, you are about to enter the examination room, your pen is shining in the future, you look forward to the good on the way.

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